So, I have finally gotten round to creating my own website. I tell you, its was very difficult for me to find a style that I found striking.  Eventually I was getting real desperate with some of the WP themes.  Anyways, luckily a mate showed me the light with this Koken Software.

Anyways; my idea with this website is to showcase my photography.  Ive always enjoyed taking images.  With my wife being a wedding photographer ( www.nicolerich.co.za); I found myself fiddling with her gear; getting hooked; getting lectured for changing her settings; then buying my own :)

So, my idea is to offer any of my images for free to anyone who is willing to pay to have them printed as art.  So, I reckon, once I have given away a million or so prints; I reconsider the whole free thing :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of my prints; please email me on leerichweskus@gmail.com


Lee Rich